Modern Thunder

by Grand Analog

Lion Head 04:05
LION HEAD I do my own stunts rebel’s advocate a catalyst for living once sympathy for the devil I tell it like it is give my best Aaron Neville the last one to settle / I test every level no rest for the wicked I get dressed for the contest yea I’m wild for the life / I was blind to the nines now I fight for the light I take my time when I do it survival in ruin on my own influence a lion head movement / at this very moment heroes become human ////////////////////////////////// IT’S BEEN A LONG LONG TIME (A LONG LONG TIME) / AH HA LET’S GET FREE BABY (GET FREE YA’LL) A TOAST TO A NEW BEGINNING I FEEL GOOD ‘BOUT THE SKIN I’M IN old man take a look at my life I’m a lot like you / a lot like you I kneel to the Young I tell ‘em stay strong I been there too / I say now brother don’t you know that things go in cycles ain’t no telling what we will become or succumb to make it out alive grab your mind by the handles ain’t no telling what you can do it’s indestructible but not invincible I’ll kill ‘em all for the principle life is for learning earning every outcome humans become champions ////////////////////////////////////
RAP SHEET (THIS DAY ON) FROM THIS DAY ON I SEE THE SUN THRU ALL THE DARK & GREY FROM THIS DAY ON I SEE MYSELF JUST DRIFTING ALL THE WAY FROM THIS DAY ON I SEE THE WORLD HAS ALWAYS JUST BEEN MINE TO TAKE MINE TODAY MINE TOMORROW AND YESTERDAY IS YOURS TO FOLLOW FOLLOW ME it’s dedicated to that brother on a different plane dedicated to that lady chasing street dreams very necessary, you don’t have an inkling a free man freeze frame our society it ain’t for dolo or pro bono or propriety take a good look, ‘cause you ain’t seeing me can a hippopotamus be anonymous in the dirty swamp among the weeds and the cannabis I think not / it’s bigger than hip-hop bigger than the figures of the one percent gen pop I flea the market / love for sale I lay low like bungalows in Beverly Hills ///////////////// critically acclaimed / rapper in the game like Zukerburg’s doppelganger no one knows my name I pull a Houdini on these chains & things my train of thought leads to all the gain from pain I’m just a king who’s the son of a commoner moving thru life too fast / check my speedometer I slow it down check my pulse and the time it took like people on their treadmills gazing at their monitor I’m not offended / I’m quick to end it I’m on that dirty dubby rap n roll / you call it genre bending I call it condescending you don’t know the half ‘til you tamper with my ending ///////////////// rapper is what rapper does rewrite the scripture / rap with thugs intelligent rap / pack facts in blood a scribble pad/ little red writings from the hood back when rap was that music for the rebel I got your connotation remixed and disheveled a story too classic and passion filled like Halifax blacks back in Africville don’t you confuse this with just rap music I might blow a fuse and choose to go stupid my life is mine my life is mine I’m looking for that meaning / a feeling divine ////////////////////
PEOPLE PEOPLE EVERYTIME I LOOK AROUND I THINK TO MYSELF, EVERYBODY’S GOT SOMETHING TO SAY // EVERYTIME I LOOK AROUND I THINK TO MYSELF, I SEE PEOPLE BEING PEOPLE EVERYDAY some people never get it / some people get it poppin’ some people leave empty handed like they’re window shoppin’ we’re analog relics / punk rock aesthetic we’re thick as thieves best believe we got funkadelic I’m on that hip-hop / I come from Planet Rock I come from places that test your patience and beating heart not a greeting card / a misleading start it’s like a cause but you don’t know what you’re fighting for I’m modern lightning exciting so I’m inviting ya’ll to run away with the titans it’s an adventure I’m not a technical digital individual no, I keep it old school like bogle in the dancehall a bam bam yes a grand band trailer load me neither coming nor going I’m grey aerial so much material / I never use for disguise you can not leave the day to die by the waste side /////////////////////////////// some people got a knack for destruction some people got their mind on ease some people got their love in abundance some people got a problem with me you’ve got chances but only one dance it’s imperative that your character sets free I’ve got antics / a reckless romantic I live it out based on true fantasies you think I’m loopy / you bet your bottom rupee you can not tamper with the ties that bind it’s messing with your mind believe it comes together so umm, you can not leave the day to die by the waste side ///////////////////////////////
MODERN DAY FOOL DON’T YOU WORRY ABOUT ME GIRL I’M COMPLEX VIBING OUT IN MY OWN WORLD, I’M COMPLEX SHADES OF BLUE, VARIOUS SHOES EXCUSE ME FOR BEING OBTUSE, I’M JUST A MODERN DAY… fool / cool social recluse just a walking contradiction mother nature on the loose people on the run since the days of prohibition thinkin’ big is always better / but simple’s more efficient in my opinion / just a model of decorum fantasy / fighting all the destitute and boredom I passed on the rose colored glasses indeed the policy was no money back guarantee a hazy kinda decade / a Sunday kinda love simplest of memories is what you think of this year / fight the good fight, flipping the dime mellow out on malt wine never checking the time, I’ll be fine ////////////////////////////////////// DON’T YOU WORRY ABOUT ME GIRL I’M COMPLEX VIBING OUT IN MY OWN WORLD, I’M COMPLEX SHADES OF BLUE, VARIOUS SHOES EXCUSE ME FOR BEING OBTUSE, I’M JUST A MODERN DAY… aphrodisiac dark cocoa love bug I’ve got a mean walk yea I make it look good famine to feast / just to say the least I’m a beast plus I give the best hugs a neighborhood dude old school like dial-up re-cap the back story for ill-advised I was born by the river a couple mid-wives living third world lives clean water no bank they stand and deliver I made it this far / think large / reach for it / look ma no hands I’ve always been drawn to the simpler things I tend to settle for the simpler things / the joy it brings ////////////////////////////////////////
GUYS & GIRLS (PLETHORA OF HEARTS) GUYS AND GIRLS / I SEE GUYS AND GIRLS DANCING steppin’ on that newness I’m hot reppin’ the Grand, I can’t cool it I got caught in a rain dance I’m foolish I’m out seclusion I’m all about the shining like Stanley Kubrick now we could be the bestest darkness was just us or justice let ‘em know what the fuss is /light it up for my regular customers my name is not Hammer but you can not touch this (can’t touch this) but you can undress this that’s word from the misses how can I contest it release that pressure/ let go that Goose I’ve been holding it together like Fidel Sassoon now we must let loose/ may I have this groove? oh the trouble when we meddle in this 40 proof old school like Doo Wop we dance like Doo Dat your mind says cool off but I say screw that off the wall, it’s automatic off the wall, it’s automatic ///////////////////////////// I PICK IT UP WHERE I LEFT OFF / ALL THE STARS AROUND I’M VIBIN’ ON A FEELING / WON’T YOU COME MY WAY I PICK IT UP WHERE I LEFT OFF / YOU ARE SO ASTOUNDING I’M VIBIN’ ON A FEELING / WITH NOTHING REALLY MUCH TO SAY I’m dancing on the ceiling allowing light into darkness this evening underground rooftops, they keep burning with no excursion it’s automatic/ I can’t help this feeling my freedom’s out of limbo I get low, it’s real life in slow-mo tell your crew go hard or go home, they’re irritating like ring-tones I hate hating but I ain’t redeeming a groupon I bang the beat like Bangladesh a man of peace I manifest I’m well dressed like I’m Cornel West now what’s next she’s got a purpose and ready to work this I’m lost in a world this girl’s so obsessed I’m perplexed/ because it don’t make sense a quick k i s s on her neck how fast can this hot interaction get we’re running on a mythical rhythm so intense I’m perplexed/ because it don’t make sense ///////////////////////////// turn up the moon/ howl like wolves dance you silly to a funky tune take it up outdoors/ whirl you up like Dirvish naked in the park and you ain’t nervous it’s perfect/ I prefer this I wrote it in a verse ‘cause you do concur an episode of these bees & birds we thicken the plot get it hot in here /////////////////////////////
4AM IN PARKDALE drum machines/ midnight munchies a mellow scene/ late night company vinyl on the deck let my memory take me this is my reality/ any given hump day original flavor / Ms Vickie’s a green bag and a couch full of gypsies knee deep in these seedy streets I’m on that late night gotta find something to eat my street corner’s like a hoarder disorder any human you’d a thought of / moonlight marauders after club crawlers prepare to get blogged mind the garbage amongst the carnage beautiful zombies/ indie cliques Jesus freaks/ hustlers and rappin’ geeks head knock to the beat/ whole night devoured a parliament of owls at the after hours //////////////////////// AND I DON’T MIND social pariahs packed in high rises stacks upon stacks of shacks and soapboxes we come in droves like a murder of crows late night vernacular anything goes the prognosis / ain’t compliant too much mysticism not enough science we knee deep in these seedy streets I’m on that late night gotta find something to eat back lanes & alleyways / let’s go that-a-way thoughts on what is love / Haddaway I come in pieces and say peace this dingy diner cafe seen better days I’m amazed by the cultural bliss umm excuse miss, but do you speak English after this I say we get a couple tongues locked mix the gin, what you got in your icebox ////////////////////////
GORGEOUS JANE SHE’S A LITTLE DYNAMITE ABOUT TO EXPLODE MET HER ON MY PATH MANY YEARS AGO CRAZY IN THE DARK, CRAZIER IN LIGHT PUT ON YOUR DANCING SHOES WE’RE GOING OUT TONIGHT GORGEOUS JANE she speaks in colours / she so pretty sexy lioness in the big lonely city looks out for others / I wouldn’t diss her often no, she’s got your number she gonna pick your pocket American Express just a past time fetish she gets restless / prefers sex for breakfast a bagel and havarti / expresso and biscotti her quickies are experiences out of body, oh oh she’s always late this mama’s storm is much calmer don’t under estimate the drama got it from her mama melodic in her message / cathartic in the wreckage with fire in her eyes / those do me do me eyes she moves so so so fine her hips on time like metronome she’ll have you begging Janie please won’t you take me home she don’t need much / blackberry in the clutch with fire in her eyes / those do me do me eyes /////////////////////////////// GORGEOUS JANE WHEN WILL I SEE YOU AGAIN (WHEN WILL I SEE YOU AGAIN) WHEN WILL YOU BE MY JANE WHEN WILL I SEE YOU AGAIN she speaks in yellows / but tough enough to hang with the fine fine fellows and the boys in the band grew up a tom-boy never boring like beige on that overnight ceremony burning like sage you’ll find her in the streets / the concrete catwalk girl, I hated flip-flops / but you made it hip-hop no no it don’t stop/ sweet vermouth on the rocks with fire in her eyes / those do me do me eyes //////////////////////////////
THE GREAT RHYME DROPPER RIGHT ABOUT NOW / THE GREAT RHYME DROPPER I DROP RHYMES FROM PLACE TO PLACE ANY HOW ANY WHERE ANY WAY ODARIO: rollin’ around with no cape on just a fly button-up gingham/ rap is back with aspirations I do the damn thing proper I ain’t a rapper I’m a great rhyme dropper a modern day Peter Benjamin Parker never tire like Michelin a true sky larker it’s gorgeous/ I mess around and stay grounded I choose not to fly my man/ I get nauseous charge no fee to set you free if you’re looking for me, buzz apartment B low key like a baritone rollin’ deep I keep banging on this beat so awesomely SHAD: I rock the beat when a thought gets tossed to me props to GA, cats don’t want the beef dog keep it unthawed you don’t want the heat talk is cheap and you’re racking up a large receipt and can’t cash it, Dame say the men dash and the Pan African family makes the jam classic these other rappers out, too damn plastic meanwhile my freestyle’s too fantastic yo, what’s with the Fruity-Loop two can rappin’ and every crew thinking that their Wu-Tang Shad’s in a new lane passin’ Trans Am blasting/ the handsome band of Analog back in ODARIO: I’m just a small town guy keep no disguise/ a vigilante on the rise this heat will chill you like an Indian chai no compromise/ it’s Hip-Hop/ we capitalize on hard times in fact it’s humble that I point this out I’m in the house/ living in affordable brackets and if these little itty bitty rappers attack us I chew ‘em up in small increments like tapas for practice, leisure / be a leader first you’ll have to walk a mile in my Adidas oooh it’s like that and now we do it like this (like this) I rock your block like kung-fu flicks SHAD: and you won’t come to when the one two hits (boom) hard enough to punch through bricks know art of rap this Sun Tzu art of war harder core carnivore funk music it don’t end ya’ll, we’ll end ya’ll always all in when a friend calls couple black Ken dolls with ten balls write until my ballpoint pens bald no ink to sprawl no thing at all / analog now you got me talking that non-conscious rap all pompous when I’m all on the track well, it’s your boy Shad singing off no final thoughts just another great rhyme to drop ODARIO: this is a throw down/ hell no I can’t slow down we’ll keep your cerebellum from your regular program there ain’t no telling/ a funky foreground GA and Shad K we get down
HOWL (LIKE WOLVES) turn me loose / be that wolf my wolf pack will advise / be that wolf an eye for an eye uprising since birth surviving every fight of my life I got proof I got music / I got moving I got when the getting was good, attest to it ballad of the beast / my vision improving the only time my eyes are closed I’m shampooing passionate / document this phenomenon the populace can sense something coming on my wolf pack move fast like Ramadan you never know when it’ll all be gone / man, I feel it THE RIGHT TIME / WHEN NIGHT TIME UNFOLDS I FEEL ALIVE / I FEEL ALIVE SINCE I WAS ON MY OWN TOOK ALL THAT I CAN HANDLE / SURVIVED THE LONG WAY HOME WE COMING IN / WE COMING IN / WE COMING IN FROM THE COLD GONNA HOWL LIKE WOLVES don’t need a full moon to bring the animal out don’t need a full moon to bring the animal out this ain’t mechanical styles / intuition is wild be intuitive and fluid like a fantasy bout hold up. what you doing with your foot out your mouth, man plant it like botanicals and plan a new route get your animal roaming / get outta the coma don’t treat it like a phobia / I gotta get over a moment is stolen in the wake of myself so fear itself, you can bid farewell / man, I feel it ///////////////////// don’t need a full moon to bring the animal out that’s the sound of the man working everyday all work and not enough play that’s the sound of the man working everyday six days and not enough pay / man, I feel it /////////////////////
HEART THE LONELY HUNTER OH THIS HEART IS A LONELY HUNTER IT FALLS APART UNTIL I PIECE IT BACK TOGETHER YOU CAME ALONG AND DANCED INTO THE LINE OF FIRE THEN I TOOK YOU HOME AND MADE YOU MINE what becomes of a broken heart stubborn like mud / eyes wide shut a cold front cometh / cup still runneth gonna milk the summer ‘til it’s all dried up decisions are rash when you’re fearing attachment I’m always on the hunt kinda like an assassin peace with the past / make peace I figure red like cranberry does it have to linger you define the future leaves from the trees to your bottom bachelor of course, if you fall I’ll catch you it’s a groovy kinda battle from here to hereafter now I write fresh pages back in the day when I was a teenager they used to say, hey love is contagious well here’s one for the ages, no doubt ///////////////////////// what becomes of a strange desire all this blunder/ thunder/ fire enamored in your armor mysteries of you, my darling casualty nights like this are most fly at times, you find things undetected by the naked eye you find things out of dreams, a bullet sky come by pull the trigger, kill some time unleash my urge this dancing girl in vintage pearls punch drunk lovin’, sailor and his woman mixed messages like forehead kisses in the morning so we write fresh pages back in the day when I was a teenager they used to say, hey love is contagious well here’s one for the ages, no doubt //////////////////////////
WILD ANIMAL PRINT we move fast in the working class had struggle on deck, number one contender put it all together like mis-en-place rock African wares / play kalimba such a tiny dancer / she’s got the slightest temper looking for an answer / she looking for adventure got potential / but not pretentious earth wind & fire since last september tried to walk by her / can’t fight the feeling let’s get hyena / let’s get hyena create that buzz / fake fur and fuzz does what she does in the gastropub big up your flaw sun moon and stars ooh she rock hard in avant garde HOOKED UP FOR THE WEEKEND TO GET DOWN ON THE WEEKEND WILD ANIMAL PRINT sugar sugar on my tongue a modern thunder / modern love let’s pop the hood let the engine run hood in her blood / hood’s where she’s from humble abode / yo she got the flow though a custom made tiger print kimono what she’s stepping on I’ll be tripping it’s an all weekday inconspicuous blank canvas / bottle of vino time to let go / print essential tribal rite / new Saturday night dream dream a dance / bring a story to life ///////////////////////////////////////
UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS HEAVY HEAVY HEAVY / EVEN WHEN YOU’RE PLAYING AT YOUR BEST THE WICKED WILL REMAIN WITH NO REST to whom it may concern let me roll let me burn I profess / a lover of this life I’m so obsessed I’ll live a life twice / rewrite the zeitgeist I’m coming from that land of political unrest it’s heavy / it’s heavy heavy / I couldn’t fight this a lesson is in session from unbearable lightness heavy weight situated / a purpose to work this running straight lines now I’m contemplating circles know my style / wicked wild people fear the most when they do not know the how survival complacent / ramifications I’m no doctor dude, I got no patience / heavy ///////////////////////////////////// YOU GOT TO TRY TRY TRY WE CAN ALL RISE HIGH EVERYBODY LOVES THE SUNSHINE EVERYBODY KNOWS IT RAINS SOMETIMES breaker breaker 1 9 now can you hear me no rest for the wicked / there’s no rest for weary a symmetry / a memory / a melody recording me dignity in poverty is already a part of me no, no never worry it will balance out don’t you ever worry it will balance out no never worry it will balance out don’t you ever worry it will balance out / one day ///////////////////////////////////// we get together like Memorex and tape decks we get together like safe sex and latex we get together it don’t matter what the weather I get busy in the summer I get busy on the syntax know my style / wicked wild people fear the most when they do not know the how survival complacent / ramifications I’m no doctor dude, I got no patience / heavy //////////////////////////////////////


released August 20, 2013

Produced by Grand Analog


all rights reserved



Grand Analog

Live Hip-Hop band from Toronto, Canada.

Sounds like three coats of dust. Sounds like a manual no longer in use. Sounds of the city.

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